Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Them Pigs are Skinny!

Okay, I promise not to write about skinny pigs again after this (hmmm...is that a promise I can keep?) but I wanted to link to my sister's Heather's fantastic blog about a skinny pig at her clinic.

Warning: This one is a little extra-creepy because he's an albino but if you can look past the pink eyes, I'm sure you'll appreciate his majestic beauty.

(I also really like Heather's next entry about why she really loves her neighbourhood. I wish we had more fun with dumpsters around here. Or even just more dumpsters so that Kyle and I could sneakily ditch some of our basement junk that never seems to go away - jello mold with dead bugs in it, hunks of dry wall, broken freezer.)


Anonymous said...

Jamie, are all the skinny pigs male? You can see nuts in all the pictures.

Jamie said...

Yes, I think they're all male. I think the hairlessness is related to sex chromosomes.

Do you enjoy how that one is delicately perched on his nuts?

Anonymous said...

The house hippo one is also perched on his nuts.

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