Monday, February 5, 2007

Non-Parable of the Lost Keys

We've had a busy weekend with lots of people in and out of our house. Somehow, one set of our keys which usually sits by the door got lost in the mix. Because I was the last person to have the keys, I was in the hot spot and believe me, I didn't take the pressure well. I looked all over for them. In the car, garage, closet, snow, garden... Last night, I had really weird dreams and I kept waking up because I could hear our garage door squeaking or the front door opening as evil thugs came to assault us and steal our collection of Company's Coming Cookbooks.

Every time I lose something, I get obsessed by the idea that the lost object is out there, existing somewhere beyond my reach. It drives me crazy! And the thought of our keys laying around in some unknown location bothered me so much that I even considered spending my afternoon cleaning out the hall closet and our horribly dirty garage to uncover their hiding place. Thankfully, when I turned on my cell after getting out of class this morning, Kyle had left a message saying that one of our friends had accidentally grabbed them on his way out of our house. I was so pumped that I jumped around when I got off the bus, actually thew my hands in the air and ran part of the way home.


Celia said...

Aren't you suppose to learn something from parables? All I take from this is that you're a little crazy, but I already knew that. Perhaps there is a deeper meaning that I am missing, and that I guess does make it a parable. So in conclusion, good job.

Jamie said...

Nope. No lesson. I thought about the non-parableness as I was writing the entry but I didn't want to get all preachy. So now I'll go and change the title.

Perpetualstudent said...

Mmm you can't change your blog after you've blogged. It's blog etiquete. Kinda like spelling etiquete wrong and never going back to change it.

Karen said...

Yah, sorry about my husband, he even tryed to open our car with your remote and just figured the batteries were dead. Which brings me to the next thought... when will you be around so we can reunite you with your long lost keys?

Jamie said...

Hey Karen,
No worries about the keys. I'm just glad you guys found them! We won't be needing them anytime soon because we only really need one set, considering I barely drive the car. I'll give you a call.

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