Friday, February 2, 2007

Five Random Things About Me

So I've been "tagged" by Robyn and now I have to write five random things about myself or risk incurring her wrath.

1. I sucked my thumb until I was fourteen years old.
FOURTEEN! And I only quit sucking said thumb because I broke it playing volleyball and wore a cast over it for six weeks. No, I didn't suck on the cast. But during that time of separation, something happened and things just weren't the same between us when we were reunited. That leads me to my next random fact...

2. I have broken 8 bones, I think.
a) broken foot bones while running backwards in gym in grade 5
b) an assortment of broken toes
c) broken thumb playing volleyball in grade 9
d) broken leg while skiing when I was 16. This one was by far the worst
e) cracked foot when I tripped while dancing down the stairs at age 20
Clumsy or brittle? You decide. I choose clumsy because it's more hilarious and less scary than brittle.

3. Someone seriously threatened to kill/kidnap me
When I was about 4, one of my dad's patients threatened my family because my dad wouldn't give him the narcotics he wanted. I remember being warned about it, crying, and saying "I'm too young to die!", which now seems like a bit of a melodramatic and obvious statement for a four-year-old to make. That was when my dad quit hanging pictures of us in his office.

4. I can't tell my left hand from my right.
I've played the piano since I was 3 but still can't seem to figure out left/right. It's not that I have no idea which hand is my right hand, it's just that I need a second to think about it before I can feel sure. This makes giving/receiving directions while driving kind of problematic. So Kyle started telling me to "take a steering wheel". Also, when he scratches my back, I tell him to go east/west rather than left/right. He says this makes no sense, but I think it's pretty obvious that my head is north and my bum is south. He should be able to figure it out from there...

5. I can pick up a dime off the floor with my crazy-awesome monkey feet.

So there you have it, five random things about me. Now I think it's time for Amisha and Squeelia to make lists of their own.


Avey said...

I have to think about left and right too! I actually still have to make a quick L with my left hand, and I often give people completely wrong directions if I skip making the L's. I also struggle with east and west though. I picture a map of canada in my head, point up and say "never", point right "eat", down "soggy", and left "noodles". I realize that noodles doesn't start with a W, but I guess I got it mixed up along the way and it stuck with me. And I also agree with clumsy over brittle.

Jamie said...

I love the soggy noodles! Avey, that's hilarious.

jamie said...

ohhh, I remember when you broke your leg skiing, that was a really bad one! I remember that almost every year someone broke something or got seriously hurt on the youth ski trip, mine was the year before and skiing with a cast on my arm was lots of fun for the second and third day! I love all your random things!

geeksbewithyou said...

I remember being awed at how long your leg hair was when you got your cast off.

And how grouchy you get when you have to take codeine and can't poop for days.

Celia said...

I used to hate being tagged at camp b/c in theory the counsellors/older people should easily catch the kids and tag someone else, but those kids could book it and I couldn't, but as a counsellor I had to keep playing.
But I guess this tag is different and I can handle it

Perpetualstudent said...

Yeah youth ski trips were pretty brutal for injuries! I go for brittle, it sounds so funny because you don't strike me as someone whose brittle . . .

Jody said...

Oh Jamie I have that same prob.with the left right thing i really have to think about it im glad i am not the only one in world like that.

Jamie said...

You're definitely not alone. One of my sisters and my grandma have trouble too. I blame it on genetics!

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