Friday, March 16, 2007

Things I Have Done Today Other Than Work On My Presentation

- stopped by my friend Ian's office at the University
- went running
- called my grandma
- offered to babysit for a friend
- cleaned the kitchen (sort of)
- watched out the window to see if the mail man was coming
- played a Cat Stevens song on my guitar
- watched someone on youtube play the same song on their guitar
- picked dead leaves from one of my plants (oh black thumb!)

Well at least I haven't stooped so low that I'm watching "The View".


Amisha said...

All that before noon even. I am impressed.

Perpetualstudent said...

That is impressive. You got more work done then I did and I was actually working all day!

Sarah said...

I love "The View" !

Jamie said...

It's not that there isn't anything to love about the view. I've been known to watch it myself but sometimes all the women talking over one another sounds like cackling chickens!

Heather M. said...

you go girl!

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