Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Oral Hygiene

"Kyle, I hate brushing my teeth. It's so boring."


"Yeah. How much would you be willing to pay to never have to brush or floss your teeth again? And to never worry about tooth decay or going to the dentist."

"Um...I'd say $50, 000."

"Yeah, that sounds about right."


Perpetualstudent said...

nice picture

Amisha said...

I think I would pay more than $50 000 to never have to go to the dentist again and not have to worry about losing my teeth. I wouldn't stop brushing though. I do enjoy the minty fresh breath.

Sarah said...

I'm with Jamie, I have to get my wisdom teeth out!

Geegee said...

i despise brushing my teeth. sometimes i just want to get dentures and call it a day.

jamie said...

Hmmm, I wonder if they'll ever come out with something like that. It's kindof like lazer eye surgery but not really.

Avey said...

I also don't like brushing my teeth. Often, I skip brushing before bed, because I'm sleeping, so what does it matter. Mark thinks this is really gross and gives me many lectures about brushing my teeth. He chases me out of bed to go brush them if he discovers that I skipped doing it.
Don't worry though everybody- I'm meticulous about brushing them in the morning. Skipping a morning brushing would be just plain sick.

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