Friday, March 2, 2007

Fruits of E-Stalking

Often while I'm doing homework I get bored and start to google random people that I know. I've googled myself, kids I used to babysit, my grandma...The other day I was googeling my friend Bjorn and this band called "Peter, Bjorn, and John" kept coming up. For the past ten minutes, I've been grooving to this song in the kitchen while making my lunch. Listen for their fun Swedish accents!


Paige said...

I've googled myself often as well (sad, very sad) and it's quite disappointing. I found out that there is some freaky band named Paige Marshall that seems to attract a lot of goth kids, but that's about all. The real P Marshy (me) barely even comes up. Sigh.

Jamie said...

There's a nutritionist named Jamie Pope who comes up a lot. That and civil war guys. I think freaky goth band is much cooler!

Karen said...

Hey, I like that song too, I'm glad you have time to do such things!

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