Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas 2007

We had a fantastic couple of weeks cruising around the province enjoying the generous hospitality of friends and family. In Camrose we got to visit some of our dear friends and meet Soren, a fantastic new addition to our family.

Aside from the arrival of a beautiful new baby, there was another Christmas miracle. Every year, my family practices the British tradition opening of Christmas crackers before dinner. For the first time ever, Amisha received a paper Christmas crown in her cracker that was big enough to fit over her massive head. She was so excited that she kept it in her pocket and brought it out periodically over the holidays.

Another highlight of our holiday was Murray's Ho Ho Hold the Turkey event, which Amisha has accurately described on her blog while skillfully mocking our host. I think this is my favourite party ever, not only because of the delicious forno pizza but because of Murray's mad dancing skills.
Click on the photo to check out the intensity on his face. He wasn't messing around...

The night before we left Grande Prairie I laid awake in my bed, overflowing with thankfulness for a holiday filled with the sweetness of new life, connection, good food, and laughter.

Happy 2008!


Amisha said...

Not only did it fit, it was even too big. I thought Andy had accidentally put it through the wash and I was really sad but then I found it the next day. It's sitting on my night table and will be brought out any time things need to be a bit more festive.

murray said...

Good people equal good parties. Of course good food, good music and a few good drinks (what was that blue concoction, I mean other than 100% lethal?) don't hurt either.

Throw in participatory pizza making (and baking al forno!), a little Michael Jackson plus Kristed doing the worm and it's a slam dunk.

But the first part is still the most important.

Dave said...

I love how thrilled your dad looks! I think he's asking himself, 'Who are these people???'

Kristed looks like she has mad pizza making skills!

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