Monday, September 17, 2007

They are as dangerous as they are delicious

Today was filling day. My dentist was fantastic and I was very cool and collected. I think it's because of the stress-reducing fish tank that my dentist uses to create a calming atmosphere. Maybe the fish absorb patients' anxiety, in which case, one of them will probably be belly-up by tomorrow morning.

As I was paying my bill and talking to the receptionist, I tried to put on some lip gloss. But because my mouth was frozen, my top lip disappeared mid-application and I shmeared it all over my front teeth. That was awkward.

And now just for fun...a lobster knife fight. Poor guy on the left. His knife is backwards.


Geegee said...

I love the picture and am glad your appointment went well.

Celia said...

Is that your kitchen?

Jamie said...

No. I wish it was my kitchen. It's just some photo I found on line.

Paige said...

That would be awesome if you were hosting illegal lobster knife fights in your kitchen. I'd so come to that!

Perpetualstudent said...

careful ... you might be arrested like the NFL player in the States!

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