Saturday, September 15, 2007

Shameless plug!

I just got back from the library where I picked up a book I have been waiting on for weeks. I am so excited about this book that I can barely contain myself! The author provides information about environmentally friendly products and services in Canada. While some of the contents are a bit frightening, I felt hopeful after reading some her practical solutions and tips. For those of us who can't spend tons of money, it's nice to know that IKEA has a good reputation for using less toxic materials. For example, unlike many manufacturers, IKEA doesn't bind the pressed wood used to make cribs, beds, and shelves with formaldehyde (a cancer-causing chemical).

I also bought a new mop today. Kyle thinks our current mop is "creepy and dirty" just because a moth flew out of it and it's tangled with a multicoloured tapestry of hair...

The mop I chose is made by Method, a company that I absolutely adore. Not only are their products naturally-derived, they also smell fantastic and look great...which caters nicely to my weakness for good packaging. We use tons of their stuff - from body wash to leather cleaner.

Move over Kyle. Tonight your spot in our bed will be occupied by our new mop and my library book.


Paige said...

I saw that mop on their website! Where did you get it? I'm a cleaning nerd too... I
've always been a bit suspicious of Method stuff, however, as their ingredient listings can be quite vague, they don't specify whether their products are 'natural' or 'organic' and they don't offer any refills for their products. That said, they're definitely better than buying a Mr. Clean cancer eraser!

Jamie said...

Shoot. I just dug around some more online and found out that method stuff isn't as "non toxic" as I'd hoped. It's a step up from the stuff we used to use but there are better things out there. Time to unplug my shameless plug.

Perpetualstudent said...

My mother in law recommends using vinegar on everything ... which is a great idea ... too bad it doesnt actually do anything! It just makes your house smell and you develop an insatiable craving for fish and chips!

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