Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just like me - exquisitely delicate

Yesterday my lovely friend Paige sent me an email telling me about her weekend:

"In our boredom, we stumbled across The Shopping Channel and there was a doll on there that Paul thought looked like you at our wedding. So here you are, in doll form (you're the one in pink, by the way. Not the homely midget girl)."

I was a little afraid to open up the attachment. But when I did, I was surprised to see that Paul was right. The doll kind of does look like I did at their wedding. Brown flippy hair, pink strapless dress, and skin the colour of Elmer's Glue.

Sweet! Now I know exactly what to get Paige and Paul for their anniversary. Not only is it a gift they'll treasure for a lifetime but it can also be purchased in just three easy payments.


Perpetualstudent said...

you also seem to be freakishly tall ... at least next to midget girl

Heather M. said...

You are hilarious!

arbyn said...

... I love it.

Avey said...

Now you need to post a picture of yourself at the wedding. I might be the homely midget girl. That's why you look so tall.

Jamie said...

I wanted to put up one of myself at the wedding but couldn't find one. So sad.

Paige said...

If I ever stop being so lazy I could upload a picture of you. I'm sorry that we just took them off our computer, the comparison would have been helpful. But take my word, it's close enough to be entertaining. Only 10 more months until I get my anniversary present. Yes!

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