Friday, July 20, 2007

Where Did They Get the Halter Top?

This video is of over 1500 prisoners at a Detention and Rehabilitation Centre in the Philippines practicing "Thriller". The video quality isn't great but the concept is awesome and the dancing - oh so good! Somebody on You Tube has posted a bunch of videos of these guys dancing and marching. Oddly enough, a lot of them are to songs from "Sister Act."

Speaking of Sister Act, Kyle and I saw two of our neighbourhood nuns at Safeway last night. They bought a cantaloupe.


Celia said...

I'd hate to think what the halter top guy's life is like in prison.
So it turns out we are in Calgary the next weekend after I told you previously. We'll be there Sun Aug 5, hopefully you are in town.

Celia said...

Oh jeepers, no we are only in Calgary that weekend. However, if you want to stay at our place we will be gone and it will be vacant.

Sarah said...

wierd wierd wierd...yet highly entertaining! You always have some highly entertaining stuff on your site!

Karen said...

What was it you were searching when you came across this video?
It kind of makes me want to be arrested in the Phillipines so I can learn fun dances too.
Maybe a little Wade Robson!

Paige said...

I woke up with Thriller in my head today and I fear it was because of this post!

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