Friday, January 12, 2007

A Good Trick Gone Wrong

This week we have custody of Chaz, the dog we share with Kyle's parents. A while ago he came up with a new way to let us know when he needs to go outside during the night. Chaz will come up to the side of our bed, scratch the mattress with one paw, and Kyle will get up to let him out. This system worked pretty well with him waking us up at night if he was sick or early in the morning when he had to pee. However, over the past week something has gone terribly awry and Chaz is bringing out the "bed scratch" at seemingly random times.

12:30 am - Doesn't have the courage to make the 50 cm jump onto our bed. Needs a pep talk

3:47 am - Wants food

4: 55 am - Bored and probably just wanting to screw with us

5:32 am - Weird noise outside

7:10 am - General malaise?

7:30 am - Actually needs to go outside to pee

8:00 am - Kyle is at work. I'm sleeping in. The dog is once again looking for encouragement for the long leap onto the mattress.

Okay I'm exaggerating and it's not nearly that many times at night. Even so, what the heck? Chaz, we had a good thing going with the bed scratch system but now it's getting out of hand. Good thing today is the day we send you back to Bob and Dorothy!


Avey said...

I love that you call it having "custody" of the dog. Your story about the bed scratch reminded me so much of winsotn. He did the bed scratch, accompanied by some whinning. He would never jump up on the bed until you invided him. He'd whine, scratch, whine, scratch until you patted the bed to invite him up. Oh dogs- they drive you nuts but you can't live without them.

Jamie said...

What a gentleman that Winston was! I think that's what Chaz is doing too because he's only allowed on the bed when we invite him up. Or when we're not around and he sneaks onto it.

Anonymous said...

Winston and Chaz gentlemen? That's a funny thought to me for some reason! Oh, now I"m remembering Winny and all his little cute quirks..and his tail of course! Jamie, did Avey and I tell you the story about Winstons tail and what it looked like to some?

Jamie said...

I do remember a story of a little girl commenting on it's likeness to a penis in front of Pastor Dennis. Love that story!

Anonymous said...

You're hilarious. Looking forward to hanging out (hopefully not amongst Chaz gassiness)...! :)

Avey said...

We need to hang out sometime soon. My mom is in saskatoon for a bit which means that I have her car until she gets back. I'm going to try to get rid of a couple of my shifts at work this week. Maybe we can hang out tomorrow or friday...

Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie! Just found your blog by following links around from other people's the heck are you? Haven't talked to you since CLBI!

Anyways, feel free to check out my blog--it's got pictures of my new baby girl on it!

Take care,
Ange Ruehn

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