Monday, January 22, 2007

And Now for Some Girl Music

I'm loving Regina Spektor these days and put up two videos because I was having trouble choosing one (there are other great ones on youtube). She does some strange things with her voice that take some getting used to but I think she's brilliant.


Paul said...

Here's a link for some live Regina:

I guess this makes me a girl. Yay! No more man panties.

Avey said...

Oh Jamie! I LOVE her! I love her music and her videos. I'm going to limewire to right now to download those two songs.

Jamie said...

Oh manties, I'm so glad you're commenting on my site. And thanks for the link!

Avey, you can go to her youtube profile and she's posted all her videos and some little clips of herself. The other videos are really cool too.

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