Sunday, January 7, 2007

For Jamie Primeau

When we were in Disney World, we spent a lot of time waiting in line for rides. And while I was waiting in line, I noticed something that would make Jamie Primeau want to poke her eyes out. Enjoy!


jamie said...

hmmm, I'm knitting right now, should I use the pointy end or the blunt end to do the poking?
Grrrrr, those darn things!
However, if I had to say something nice I would say that the ones with the little Mickeys are pretty comparison.
(i'm pretty excited that you wrote a blog just for me!!!)

Celia said...

So, when you see something you think will make your friends injury themselves, you find a photo to share, to ensure they do hurt themselves.
Weren't you a Pysch major, shouldn't you see the repercussions of that?

Jamie said...

Celia, do you just read my blog so that you can judge me?

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