Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Last Thursday, I wore another new shirt without washing it. But don't despair. Even though I don't heed my own advice, I do have the capacity to learn. I sniffed the armpits before I put it on.

Last night I saw a TV news clip about how people should always wash new garments because some of them have been treated with the chemical formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is connected with increased risk of cancer. Shoot.

In non-grubbiness-related news, I spotted some Canada geese hanging out on the river today. Even though they terrify me, Canada geese are a hopeful indicator of spring. Beside the geese there was a flock of smaller birds sleeping on the ice. At first I thought they were ducks and I was super pumped. However, upon closer inspection they turned out to be seagulls...which are not associated with spring but are just a sign of near-by dumpsters.


Karen said...

Yah, I never wash my clothes before wearing them, I'm always too excited to wear them.
Although after your 2 last posts I'm wondering if I should maybe curb my enthusiasm.
You're not alone.

heather said...

Bahaha, again Jamie, you are funny! I LOVE your blog!

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