Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Taking it to the streets!

I have noticed an alarming trend on Calgary roads. Fewer people are giving the wave.

People, don't give up the wave! It's a friendly necessity of the road. I make sure to wave extra enthusiastically whenever someone lets me in front of them. I even give a wave when the person might not have intended to let me in.

The sinster side of my love of the wave is that it makes me smoulder with anger when I let someone in and they don't acknolwedge me. I have a friend who used to honk at people, tailgate them, and give them the finger when they didn't wave after being let in. It sounds crazy but I can totally understand that reaction.


Celia said...

I get really annoyed with pedestrians don't wave after I stop for them; the nerve.
I think I've given up the wave, but I blame Adam and driving in a city where everyone sucks. I'll try to bring it back, I promise.

Dave said...

I love the wave. But,sometimes I find myself over using it, like thinking I can cut in wherever I want as long as I wave.


Avey Christiansen said...

Jamie! I'm a HARDCORE waver, and so is Mark. But I know EXACTLY what you mean. Calgary is terrible for non-wavers. I had severe road rage - might have been part of the reason we moved :)

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