Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Patriotic scrunchies = gold!

I've spent more than a few hours this week watching the Olympics and have been left with some burning questions regarding women's gymnastics.

1. Did the Olympic Committee proclaim an edict requiring female gymnasts wear a scrunchy?

2. Must regulation scrunchies be co-ordinated with said gymnast's national flag?

3. Is there a relationship between bringin' it scrunchy style and Olympic glory?

I've done some intensive on-line research and found compelling evidence indicating that the answer to these questions is yes.


Paige said...

Those dolls are beyond creepy.

Amisha said...

I was wondering the same thing about the scrunchies. I am also wondering if it is mandatory that their lipstick be the same colour as their skin.

~ robin ~ said...

all i notice about the gymnasts is their choice of scrunchy. and if it doesn't match their outfit, i judge them harshly.

but in all seriousness, what is up with them?!

Dave said...

Maybe its a balance thing?? Kinda like curlers and their big beer bellies. Mandatory for balance!

Ashley said...

Jamie, you crack me up! I love it! When I was a gymnats in a former life... the scrunchie was part of the uniform... I have pictures.

Avey Christiansen said...

I noticed the scrunchie thing too when I was watching gymnastics! It's so eighties! Also, why do gymnasts always such bad hair? SLICKED back into a tight ponytail. If I was going to be on TV with millions of people watching, I'd definitely spend some time figuring how to have decent hair.

Celia said...

We are going to be in Calgary this weekend, so hopefully I can see you. I would email but I don't think I have a current address, so I will just hope I have your number and will call when we get to your city.

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