Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Family photo

I didn't get either of those jobs I interviewed for and am starting a new round of applications. Even though I was a bit bummed out, one of the employers managed to be very encouraging while telling me that I didn't get the job. I'm mostly over my unemployment grumples and enjoying my freedom again.

Last night, I decided that Kyle and I needed to take a "family photo" to send to a friend in India. I chose a spot in the back yard and Kyle set up our camera on the fence. As we waited for the timer to go off, Chaz kept wandering into the photo and dropping balls at our feet. We decided that rather than having tiny basket balls in front of us and a fuzzy black streak in the picture, we'd just get him to sit down in front of us. Kyle came up with a brilliant plan. He commanded Chaz to sit before placing his ball on the fence so that our obsessive dog would be looking into the camera. It worked really well the first time.In the second photo, Kyle again got the dog to look forward by saying, "Chaz, where's your ball?" Unlike the time before where he stared longingly at his ball, Chaz ran forward and jumped up against the fence, reaching up to get it. As our camera wobbled on the fence, Kyle took off running. I just wish you could see Chaz's snout in the frame, then it would be the perfect depiction of life at our house - Chaz doing something bad, me laughing, and Kyle trying to avert disaster.


Jena said...

I love your family picture-s. You are a very handsome couple, you look great!
The flowering tree in your back yard is gorgeous, wow!
I love how you maintain your pose while Kyle runs for the camera.

Paige said...

Did you get your hair done? You look foxy! Of course, Kyle looks good too!

Sorry to hear about the jobs not turning out. I'm sending out good vibes for you.

Karen Henry said...


Avey said...

Love the family photos! I also LOVE that tree!!! Do you know it's name? I want to buy one for our yard.
Sorry you didn't get either of those jobs. It makes me wish even more that we still lived in the same city. We could be spending SO much time together1

Unknown said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love your family picture. It has kept me amused since I saw it yesterday. I had to take awhile to think of a comment because all I could do was laugh at it. I love the keepin-it-all-together pose. Classy Fam.

Anonymous said...

A Rosybloom Crabapple variety, possibly 'Kelsey'(which has semi-double flowers). Or maybe 'Selkirk'.

Heather M. said...

Awwww, that is such a sweet photo!

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