Saturday, June 9, 2007

More Cowbell

Everyday on my bus ride home from my practicum, I would pass this sign. It's just down the hill from our house marking a playground zone (for a distant ghost-town of a park that's surrounded by a chain-link fence).

It always made my day to pass this sign. I imagined that some tagging punk had sprayed a little Grim Reaper onto the sign to give extra warning to anyone who might be tempted to speed.

"Hey you, in the pimped-out Tempo with the $4000 stereo. You'd better fear the Reaper... Yeah that's right. It's 30 km/h!"

Sadly, upon closer inspection the black figure looks more like a wizard. And I've seen him spray-painted in much less perilous places onto things like mail boxes and walls. But that's okay. It still makes me happy when I pass it.


geeksbewithyou said...

Although I appreciate your preference for the grim reaper in this situation, I like that it looks like a wizard.

Like Gandalf yelling at the monster in Lord of The Rings


What's worse? Going more than 30 or passing in a playground zone? Either way, you've been warned.

Jamie said...

That is fun. I also like him as a wizard. Way to save it for me heather.

Sarah said...

I kinda see him as a farmer shaking his fist "Hey you hooligans, SLOW DOWN...Why I oughta...." Now why a farmer would be in a playground zone that I cannot answer!

Avey said...

At first I thought it was a wizard, but then I thought that it was a Hutterite or something. Either way, great sign.

Celia said...

I think its some sort of goblin that comes out after sunset, as the sign warns.

Ian said...

I'm for the Gandalf interpretation. It's a joke right?

In a playground zone "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!"

I guess any joke that takes this much deliberation isn't that funny (like any joke about plebs or Chaucer).

Just Tim said...

kinda looks like an old fisherman to me.

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